Hire HMT Max-30 Magnet Drill - Welding Machine Rental from RentArc

HMT Max-30 Magnet Drill 803019-0001

At just 8.5kg, the Max-30 is the lightest magnetic drill available and probably the most compact. With a powerful 900 Watt high speed motor which is perfectly optimised for broaching the most common structural sizes of 12-30mm, particularly when used with CarbideMax™ TCT Cutters. Very precise and stable cut due to the direct rack and slide design.

Perfect for sitework situations as 8.5kg is a simple one hand lift. 25% lighter than most competitors.

Each machine comes in a robust plastic site carrying case with foam inserts to protect the machine and accessories. Free accessory pack contains: removable internal coolant system, bottle of broaching lubricant, safety pack with gloves, specs, ear plugs, removable metal guard, safety chain, 4 hex keys.