Hire HMT RTA40 Low Profile Magnet Drill - Welding Machine Rental from RentArc

HMT RTA40 Low Profile Magnet Drill 803086-0001

The HMT RTA40 is a low profile Magnet drill for tight access applications, being designed to fit into any space above 200mm.
Takes any standard broaching cutters while optimised to work with the high-performance CarbideMax 40 cutters. The only tight access magnet drill in its class that will work with standard TCT annular broach cutters.

Rear mounted motor and switches for ease of access.
Ratchet drive can be mounted on either side of the machine.
Powerful motor and magnet gives excellent stability.

Each machine comes in a plastic case with hex keys, safety strap, ratchet, and removable coolant system