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Plymovent MobileGo Mobile Fume Extractor MOBILEGO

The MobileGo is a mobile welding fume filter with built-in fan and a hose tube arm (EconomyArm). It contains a disposable filter package. 

Thanks to the four transport wheels (two of which are swivel casters with brake), the MobileGo is suitable for use in relatively small facilities or near sources of pollution without a fixed location. It is fitted with a flexible extraction arm that is rotatable by 360 degrees and very easy to handle. 


Effective protection against exposure to welding fume

Excellent price x performance

Easy to manoeuvre

Two stage filter for longer filter life

Enhanced safety with integrated spark deflection plate


It is designed as an entry level extractor or for welding processes that produce little fume. It is an ideal solution for auto repair shops, welding schools, technical colleges, small workshops and the agricultural sector. It has been designed for the consumption of approx. 1 coil of solid wire or 7,5 kg/16.5 lbs of electrodes per month and TIG welding.