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Miniveyor VAF-200 Portable Ventilation Fan with 7.5m Ducting Kit VF20K

The Miniveyor Air VAF-200 is a compact and powerful ventilator. VAF-200 portable blower is at home ventilating confined spaces. The 200mm (8”) diameter VAF200 ventilator, weighs only 7.5 kg (16½lbs) and can provide 1480 m³/hr (870 CFM) of air flow, driven by a 250W (1/3HP) motor. 

The fan body is made from a dual wall polythene rotational moulding which allows it to withstand the knocks and blows normally found in industrial use. It can out perform conventional metal bodied portable ventilators several times over. The casing is corrosion free and unlike metal fans will not rust when they are dented, chipped or scratched. They simply last longer and offer greater value for money.

VAF-200 Series fans can be easily stacked on top of one another for both storage and operation (up to 3 high) giving maximum airflow from minimum floor space. You can use the VAF-200 with up to 2 lengths of 7.5m (25ft) ducting. This package includes one set of 7.5m flexible ducting.